Why Did I Write This Book?

99% of the time when I receive negative comments about my added weight, loss of hair, changed appearance or how much I’ve aged, I generally just laugh and say that it’s the joy of getting older…

Mark Denton Bevens

Mark Denton Bevens

I NEVER choose to tell them about the new additions of double vision, painful cramps and the need for the bathroom 5 minutes after drinking any fluid, or of course the constant mood swings, panic attacks and depression. Not to mention of course the itchy and often swollen eyes, moobs and tender breasts ‘Really…’ And the deep joy of knowing it may all be my constant companion until the day I die, sadly brings little comfort. Oh, and did I mention the fact that my lovely cross to bear is predominantly the curse of women. How embarrassing is that!

And so I wrote this book as a way of:

A)Helping other people with Graves Disease to realise that you’re not alone, even though you often feel very isolated…

B)Helping the ‘significant others’ of people with Graves Disease to realise that we love and appreciate you, no matter what we do and say when our minds are lost, confused and frightened…

C)Trying to understand exactly what this disease is

D)Having at least one really good feel sorry for myself moment.

E)  Venting a little anger and frustration.

F)   Having a really cool way to respond to the finger pointers out there, E.g. ‘Read The Bloody Book…’

NOW Available on Kindle

Wow… I have finally managed to put ‘What Is Graves Disease: looking from the inside out‘ on Kindle.. Yay…

The challange with putting a book on Kindle, is the techie know-how that you need to know! And guess what, I’m not a techie. However, I finally found an easy’ish way to do it, so hey, Go check it out>>>> http://www.whatisgraves disease.co.uk

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Of Course The Physical Paperback Is Still Available

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